Workshops for Young Adults(11-14 years)

The Story Of Emoticons: One Day workshop

Flow: Five Weekend Program

Unearth: Five Weekend Program

Aurora: Retreat for young writers

The Story of Emoticons: is a one day workshop on self-expression through creative writing for young adults. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate children to understand and express their emotions in words.

Program Highlights:

  • Observe and reflect on one’s emotions
  • Share and care for your as well as feelings of others
  • Recognize and accept your feelings
  • Express in the form of letters, poems, articles, and stories

Flow : is a program designed with the purpose to help children shed their inhibitions, knock down each barrier and write freely!

The program focuses on key skills-

  • Observation skills
  • Questioning Ability
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Belief
  • Creative Thinking
  • Imagination
  • Self Confidence

Program Highlights:

  • Seeking inspiration for writing from everyday life
  • Overcoming barriers that come in the way of writing
  • Dealing with fear of failure and approval
  • Understanding nuances of writing
  • Interacting with an expert in editing/publishing industry/author/poet


About the Methodology-

We follow experiential methodology and each day will involve-

  • Activities
  • Discussions
  • Reflection
  • Writing assignments

Unearth: is an extension of the program ‘Flow’. But having done Flow program is not a prerequisite. Children further dig into their mind to reach the fountainhead of their thoughts in order to understand their thought process and write creatively.

Program Highlights:

  • Analyzing and building your strengths
  • Honing writing skills
  • Creating Imagery
  • Role of research in writing
  • Exploring genres of micro fiction, jingle writing, free verse

Aurora : is a yearly retreat organized for young readers and writers. We sit in the lap of nature to think, reflect, share and weave our thoughts into stories.

Program Highlights:

  • Understanding Writer’s Block
  • Reading to write
  • Delving deeper into nuances of writing
  • Experimenting in flash fiction, poetry, short stories
  • Rendezvous with a guest author