Sailing Leaf is an ecosystem created by Manmeet Narang to help children express, explore and understand the art of self-expression and creative writing. The platform is an attempt to help children connect with their inner thoughts and express them freely in words.

Experiential workshops for the age group of 8-14 years have been designed to trigger creative and critical thinking. Parents and teachers are key players in supporting this ecosystem. Hence, it is our endeavor to extend the self-expression and creative thinking to them as well.

The entire curriculum is interwoven with life skills of self-esteem, confidence, empathy, observation, and mindfulness. We provide tools, create exercises and generate experiences so that children can have access to their thoughts and emotions. Once they begin to see and understand their own unique thought process, writing becomes a natural process.

Sailing Leaf workshops are meant for children who –

  • write regularly but want to polish their writing skills
  • aspire to write but don’t know how to
  • lack confidence to express themselves
  • struggle to give shape to ideas and thoughts
  • don’t express their feelings

To sum it up, the workshops are meant for one and all. After all, each child desires and deserves to be self-expressed!

Workshops for Kids(8-10 Years)

Workshops for Young Adults(11-14 Years)