Why I can’t teach my kids to obey elders

Obeying elders is a value I had been taught as a child. I followed it for good twelve years till I began to find it illogical. Most of the ideologies my elders believed made no sense to me. Their behavior in many ways I disliked (even abhorred at times). Most of all I didn’t see … More Why I can’t teach my kids to obey elders


The workshop was an experience in itself.Out of all that I have learnt the thing that will stay with me is that it is possible to say a lot in few words. Mansi, class VIIIth, Heritage School Instead of describing something, make a picture with your words.Images stay forever with a reader! Dhruv, class VIIIth,Shikshantar … More

Why it was good to be raised by a pair of ‘uneducated’ parents

For the longest time I have considered myself unprivileged in terms of education I received. Both my parents barely passed school, college was just a dream they refuse to talk about either out of shame or due to fading memory. Even though they had left no stone unturned to admit me in the best school … More Why it was good to be raised by a pair of ‘uneducated’ parents

15th August,’16

आसरा मुसलमान को दिया था तूने भी और मैंने भी सिख काटे थे तूने भी और मैंने भी कौन वहशी है और कौन मसीहा, ये तो पता नहीं लाशें बिछी थी लकीर के इस पार भी और उस पार भी खोया था अपना तूने भी और मैंने भी घर लुटा था तेरा भी और मेरा … More 15th August,’16

On Eating

(Mom reading an article from newspaper ‘You are what you eat’ over breakfast) Abhi: ‘You are what you eat’ what does this mean, mama? Mom: What do you think it means? Abhi: It means I am pancake and you are poha!  

A New Land

(Published in Readomania) “Jaldi le bhai. Pick it fast. I don’t have time,” the boy was getting impatient. He picked up the small glass of tea and almost thrust it in the hands of Dhampat. The warm glass touched his knuckles and he stirred a bit. “Nahin chahiye.I don’t want it,” Dhampat gulped down the … More A New Land